Research Opportunities Offered by Fapesp
Delivered by the Fapesp Representative

Aula Magna 1

Non-Reflexive Logics and its Applications to the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
Décio Krause
Federal University of Santa Catarina – UFSC, Brazil

Aula Magna 2

Philosophical Paraconsistency
Jean-Yves Béziau
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – UFRJ, Brazil

Aula Magna 3

A Short Introduction to Main and Alternative Perspectives on the Philosophy of Mathematics – Part I

Fernando Zalamea
National University of Colombia, Colombia

Aula Magna 4

R-Mingle is Good Enough as a Paraconsistent Logic

Jon Michael Dunn
Indiana University, USA

Aula Magna 5

The Pragmatic Approach to Paraconsistency
Arnon Avron
Tel-Aviv University, Israel

Aula Magna 6

Theories of Truth, Rationality, and da Costa’s Quasi-Truth

Otávio Bueno
University of Miami, USA

Aula Magna 7

The History of Paraconsistent Logic

Graham Priest
City University of New York, USA

Aula Magna 8

Paraconsistent Probability and Uncertainty: How a Computer Should Reason about Evidence

Walter Carnielli
University of Campinas – Unicamp, Brazil