Arnon Avron

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Arnon Avron got his Ph.D. in Mathematics from Tel Aviv University in 1985. His thesis was devoted to paraconsistent logics in general, and to relevant logics in particular – subjects to which he has continued to contribute since then, and to which his recent book (together with O. Arieli, and A. Zamansky), “Theory of Effective Propositional Paraconsitent Logics”, is devoted. After finishing his thesis, Avron spent his PostDoc period at the laboratory for the foundations of computer science (LFCS) at Edinburgh University, where he belonged to the original LF team – the first computerized logical framework. In 1988 he joined the Computer Science Department of Tel Aviv University, where he has been a Full Professor since 1999. Avron is in the editorial boards of Theoretical Computer Science, Journal of Logic and Computation, and Logica Universalis. In addition to paraconsistent logics, he has been working also on several other logic-related areas, like proof systems, automated reasoning (especially the mechanization of mathematics), logical frameworks, and foundations of logic and of mathematics (where he is mainly interested in the predicativist approach). Besides that, he has also made contributions to geometry and to graph theory.